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Jane Birkin not in Deauville after 'minor' stroke

Jane Birkin not in Deauville after ‘minor’ stroke

British actress and singer Jane Birkin has canceled her participation in the famous American Film Festival in Deauville, France, due to a “minor stroke”. The 74-year-old singer’s family announced on Monday that the singer’s former partner, Serge Ginsburg, had suffered a “mild stroke a few days ago”. The relatives reassured: “She is fine.”

Birkin was supposed to present the documentary Jane Barr Charlotte (Jane von Charlotte) to her daughter Charlotte Ginsburg in Deauville, northern France. The film premiered in Cannes in July. In her memoir “Munkey Diaries” published in 2018, Birkin recounted her long battle with leukemia since the late 1990s. Recently, she has appeared in public and is apparently in good health.

The American Film Festival in Deauville runs through September 12. Hollywood star Johnny Depp on Sunday presented the movie “City of Lies.” “I am very proud of this film, which was kidnapped for three years,” the American actor said in French at the screening of the film. “The movie has been dead for three years, and we’ve found it again.” Before that, there were big problems with moving the film to theaters. The detective film revolves around the investigation into the murders of American rappers Tupac Shakur and The Notorious Big, who were shot a few months apart in the 1990s. Inspector Russell Poole, played by Depp, returns to the case nearly 20 years after the murders. Using a mixture of fictional and archival footage, the film shows a botched investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department – riddled with corruption and infiltrated by gangs. In both cases, the perpetrators were not identified.

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