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Victoria Beckham: Hot shot!  David has never shown us like this before

Victoria Beckham: Hot shot! David has never shown us like this before

The Beckham family has been considered one of the leading show business families for years. Post regularly Victoria (47) and David Beckham (46) Impressions from her lifeLet the fans take part in the family celebrations or take them with them On their vacation trips. However, every now and then, some rumors about their relationship circulate in the media, even relationships or an alleged divorce in the room. “People are interested in my private life,” the entrepreneur told the Guardian in 2019. “Sometimes it’s in my best interest and sometimes things I don’t like. I won’t let that put me down.” And the private photos that she shares on her Instagram page prove time and time again that she does not.

This includes, in particular, your most recent contributions. She’s particularly intimate, and that has a lot to do with the other side of her meet husband David Beckham. curious? In the video above we show you the image.

Victoria Beckham: “Have a nice day, you’re welcome!”

Truly a spectacle of the gods, because Victoria’s husband is really impressive! Even though David Beckham has already retired from football, he’s still in great shape and certainly doesn’t have to hide from his younger teammates! Ironically, his wife writes about the photo: “I wish you a happy one, you are welcome!” That’s why her fans celebrated her.

So bye bye breakup rumors! Instead, Victoria shows that she is proud of her family. And also and especially on her husband, which she proves to us admirably with her shot.

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What else do the Beckhams do in their spare time and why is David’s daughter Harper (10) She cannot get out of screaming in the company of her father, you can see in the video below.