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Jeep Compass S - Even without a road to the destination ...

Jeep Compass S – Even without a road to the destination …

This is ensured by the off-road convertible lowering and differential lock, which in the event of an emergency and in perfect electronic interaction drives each wheel individually, which means that the jeep always has thrust, even if one of the wheels loses contact with the ground. This additional aid for real terrain can also be found on the Jeep Compass – including help coming down a hill if it’s really steep.

But even in normal operation, you can choose from five different types of driving – stone, sand, snow, car or sport. The hybrid drive with an electric motor and a classic four-cylinder turbo petrol engine together deliver 240 horsepower and plenty of thrust.

Thanks to mild hybrid technology, fuel consumption can be affected depending on the electric use – in the test mode we came up with a good five liters per 100 kilometers, depending on the style of driving with the Spazi up and down. This may also explain the rather small tank volume of only 36.5 liters.

Energy recovery is when braking or, if needed, with the engine bolstered to aid in the range.

Despite the fixed chassis, comfort is a top priority: thanks to the electrically adjustable leather seats that can also be heated or ventilated, a heated multifunctional leather steering wheel and automatic air conditioning, you feel really comfortable on the Compass right away.

There is also a keyless entry system, front and rear parking sensors including a reversing camera, a blind spot warning system or an electric tailgate with foot sensor operation.

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The clear 10.1-inch touch screen – and there are also a few traditional knobs/rotary controls – with navigation and traffic light information is just as functional as the mobile integration including an induction charging stand.

Mandatory lane keeping assist can also be turned off at the push of a button if desired.
There’s plenty of room for front and rear occupants, and the double floor box can be expanded by folding the split-back seats down.


The Jeep off-road vehicle brand, now owned by the Stellantis Group, is assembled in Italy, along with the Compass and Renegade models. For around 50,000 euros you get a highly equipped and technologically advanced car that pampers its passengers in comfort and truly transports them to any destination.