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Weppersdorf: smugglers and migrants cause rubbish and fear

Weppersdorf: smugglers and migrants cause rubbish and fear

For several days, immigrants caused unrest among the population in the Weppersdorf district.

WEPPERSDORF. “This morning we discovered a lot of rubbish in Newgas – from clothes to plastic bags. All of them came from refugees who roamed the area yesterday. My son rode his bike across the yard from the fire station to Pella (in the vicinity) at 10:00 pm). 3.30 pm ) and did not dare to drive any further,” reports Anita T. of Weppersdorf.
“My husband and I called the police this morning when we discovered the trash. They were there right away and looked at it. The ruins came from the direction of Lackenbach,” she says, wondering at the same time: “Who would do this remove rubbish, destroy, demolish.”

Over and over again to see refugees

Deputy Mayor Marcel Gesler told them: “He has written that he will inform the community on Monday until these things are removed from the forest. I won’t be able to get to Mayor Deggendorfer myself until Monday.”

Mrs. T: “You can’t let kids ride their bikes anymore, some of them are really scared.”

“They can be seen constantly in Weppersdorf since October 9. On October 9, at 3 pm, they were sitting at the fire station. On October 14, at half past nine in the morning, they walked past our house with cell phones. Finally on Sunday, S31 was in The Weppersdorf -Markt St. Martin Exit blocked due to suspicion of alleged human smugglers and yesterday’s migrants abroad in Neugasse,” according to citizen Weppersdorf.