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Nine Cabaret Evenings – The Return of Laughter: The Krems “Cabaret and Comedy” Festival returns to life

Nine Cabaret Evenings – The Return of Laughter: The Krems “Cabaret and Comedy” Festival returns to life

Thanks to the new organizer (“Association of Active Cabaret and Cultural Scene in Krems”), cabaret lovers will be able to enjoy nine humorous evenings in the fall, where Krems will once again become a stage.

Back after a year break

After a year-long hiatus, Cabaret & Comedy will continue in 2024, and could feature audience favorites such as Lukas Resetarits (“ÜBER LEBEN”), Gernot Kulis (“Best of – 20 Years of Ö3-Callboy”), and Lydia Prenner. -Casper (“Damenspitzerl”) as well as exciting newcomers like Malarina (“Serbs Die Slowly”) once again become quite the crowd-puller. Games are played in the city hall, in the district council in Stein and in der Ond.

“Fixed pinning to event calendar”

“Everything has three sides: a positive side, a negative side, and a funny side,” says director Gunther “MO” Mukesh Karl Valentin, who is happy that the festival has developed into a permanent fixture on the events circuit since 2004. In addition, city manager Peter Molnar ( “The festival not only provides first-class entertainment, but also an important economic stimulus for our city!”) and Cultural Advisor Elisabeth Kreuzuber, and the President of the State Parliament Karl Welving also came to the presentation of the program about the Krems Campus: “The Cabaret Festival is a perfect complement to the Krems Caricature Museum and a great example “For the cultural diversity and creative energy that characterizes our country.”

Lydia Brenner-Casper is in great anticipation

Lydia Brenner-Kasper is especially looking forward to appearing at the Cabaret and Comedy Festival in Krems. “It is a great pleasure to be on stage at Krems. For me, Krems has a special place in my heart because culture and warmth come together here.” “I can’t wait to laugh together and delight my audience!”

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Nine Evenings: Scene Stars and Newcomers

Nine evenings with national stars and promising newcomers to the cabaret scene are scheduled for 2024 in the best locations in and around Krems Cultural City:

· Thursday, September 12: Bernie Wagner – Galapagos, Council of Regions, Krems Stein

· Thursday 19 September: Lukas Resetaritz – About Life, Krems City Hall

· Saturday 28 September: Lydia Brenner Kasper – Damenspitzrle, Krems City Hall

· Friday 4 October: Gernot Colles – Callboy, Krems City Hall

· Friday, October 11: Omar Sarsam – Special Category, Krems City Hall

· Thursday 17 October: Stefan Leonardsberger – JA, District Council, Krems Stein

· Saturday 19 October: Stefan Haider – Suppliers’ Hour, Krems City Hall

· Wednesday, October 23: Malarina – Serbs are dying slowly, the monastery and

· Thursday 14 November: Gerald Fleischacker – Funny!?, Kloster Und

Festival tickets are available now

If you want to catch a show between September 12 and November 14, you should look for tickets now. It is available at NÖN Ticket Shop, Kremser Ticket Shop and others. Information about the program can be found on the home page