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Johnson: "I've always wanted to protect human life"

Johnson: “I’ve always wanted to protect human life”

Political scientist: Johnson is not at risk

Even after the massive allegations from Cummings, Boris Johnson’s position is not currently in danger, according to political scientist Melanie Sully. “At the moment there is no alternative to Johnson because people are still in love with him,” she said on Thursday. What or what. “People know that he is not a saint, they accept that.”

Johnson is also currently criticizing the controversial renovation of his official Downing Street home. From the point of view of his party, the decisive factor is the success of the elections: “In the view of the Conservative Party, he is the winner.” So Sulli said why should she worry about allegations that the prime minister is lying as long as she can win elections under his leadership.

The Conservatives have performed well in the local and by-elections in England recently, and the next by-elections are close. “The main danger for Kerr Starmer,” the expert said, referring to the opposition leader from the Labor Party. In the upcoming by-elections, a relative of the murdered Labor politician Joe Cox will run for the party. “If Kerr Starmer loses that, he will be in tatters with regard to party leadership, more so than Johnson in his party.”

Sully expects no calls to resign from Johnson’s ranks herself. “The cabinet has held together so far, at least in the public eye – in contrast to Theresa May’s government, which was quite divided and divided publicly and in Parliament.” This did not happen under Prime Minister Johnson, but that does not mean that there are no internal power struggles. “But they don’t go on the radio and talk about it.”

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