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Live!  From June 7, Germany will vaccinate everyone over the age of twelve

Live! From June 7, Germany will vaccinate everyone over the age of twelve

A surprising decision at the German Vaccination Summit.

Great impact at the German Vaccination Summit: Children and young people aged twelve years and over should be allowed to be vaccinated in Germany from June 7. The decision came as a surprise: On time, there is no approved vaccine for minors, nor a recommendation from the permanent vaccination committee at the Robert Koch Institute (STIKO). Therefore it remains doubtful whether vaccination would be possible at this time.

Statement from Chancellor Merkel

According to German BILD, the decision paper issued by the summit states that EMA approval will likely take place in the next few days. By the end of the summer, they want to introduce a vaccine to children and young adults. However, ensuring safe school operations must continue to be independent of the question of whether or not children have been vaccinated. At a press conference after the vaccination summit, the chancellor also commented on the possible vaccination sequence: “If an explicit recommendation is given to previously infected children, similar priority will be given to previously infected adults,” Merkel said out loud.

Limited recommendation only in Bavaria

Bavarian Prime Minister Marcus Söder does not share Merkel’s enthusiasm for the time being: according to his estimation, the Permanent Vaccination Committee is distinguished by a “significant reserve” regarding vaccination of minors. Accordingly, Bavaria recommends that children over the age of twelve be vaccinated only after consulting a doctor.

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