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Music Evening – Schönbach enjoyed the spring concert

Music Evening – Schönbach enjoyed the spring concert

The band's traditional spring concert was held in the newly renovated Sports Hall. After the inaugural “Textilaku” march, Chairman Gabriel Wagner welcomed several guests, including Mayor Ewald Fröschl, City Manager Cornelia Renner, and BAG Chairman Martin Hausleitner.

This was followed by a chorale in Anton Bruckner's Memoriam and a solo piece with Michael Schmielechner on tuba. The obligatory concert piece Monumentum was also performed again. Martin Hausleitner then presented the awards.

There was a special surprise for Michael Wagner: he was made honorary president for his services as president for many years. Richard Wagner of Bischofstetten composed the Honorary Head Polka for the occasion, which was premiered as part of the concert.

The intermission began with Herbert Bixner's Herzallerliebst Waltz, where visitors were able to fortify themselves in the multi-purpose room. The second half opened with the march “Empress Sissi” and continued with the clip “Eger – Journey to the Top.” Werner Vogel, who led the evening in his usual entertaining style, also took on the role of “Typewriter” in the piece of the same name for wind orchestra and typewriter.

There was much applause for a combination of the music of “The Lion King” and the Queen's song “Show must go on.” Finally, conductor Michael Hammerl thanked everyone involved in the concert, from all the collaborators and sponsors, before the evening came to a close after an encore of “A Last Round” and “Mondflug”.


  • Bronze Medal of Honor (15 years of service) to Bianca Froeschel, Anna Gundaker, Stefan Hammerl, Andreas Holzmann and Melanie Huber
  • Silver Medal of Honor (25 years of service) to Tanya Schweigel
  • Silver sponsorship pin by Andreas Steidl
  • Johann Hofbauer Bronze Medal of Honor
  • Michael Wagner Silver Medal of Honor
  • Franz Dastel Gold Medal of Honor
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