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“All attention!”  SV Ried are unbeaten in eight matches after beating FC Dornbirn – League 2

“All attention!” SV Ried are unbeaten in eight matches after beating FC Dornbirn – League 2

The result of the upset against “Fable Flow” was announced in Round 15 of the ADMIRAL 2nd League, when the team fell to second to last place with six consecutive busts. FC Mohren Dornbirn 1913 With the “Clock Team”. SV Gontamatic Red, at the venerable Birkenways Stadium. After the final break of the International League this year, Vorarlberger were hungry for something worth counting, but a ‘delicious treat’ was served with the ‘Hungry Vikings’ (most recently 5W, 2D) who were on the rise (most recently 5W, 2D) in 5th place… And the Raiders didn’t burn their fingers in the icy cold of the air: 0:2.

“Good shout Vikings”… SV Gontamatic Red continues their success streak in the country and is now unbeaten in eight league matches (6 won, 2 drawn)… 20 points out of a possible 24 at this stage is impressive. !

Front open sights – high speed and half chances on both sides

In a dynamic opening phase, both teams went to work with an open mind. FC Dornbirn showed courage and bravely moved forward, while Ryder started cautiously. The first notable sight occurred in the seventh minute when FCD captain Sebastien Santin fired his first warning shot from 20 metres, which was blocked by goalkeeper Andreas Leitner at the near post.

The people of Innviertel stood tall and tried to block the corridors. But once Rothosen’s side were able to close down the half-court, chances appeared. In the 18th minute, Vorarlberg had a good opportunity when Anteo Vitahu received a volley at the far post, but Leitner blocked it at the near post. The Vikings responded in the 21st minute with a dangerous header from David Bomberger, which Marcel Krinjic decisively turned away for a corner kick.

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SV Reid rewarded himself for the pressing phase with his first goal of the day

In the 25th minute, the visitors, who were becoming increasingly stronger, rewarded themselves when German centre-back Oliver Steurer made it 1-0: a long throw-in from defender Niki Havenaar was deflected into the 28-year-old’s foot. After Cilic’s shot was blocked down the middle, the year-old blocked it and shot from close range.

Despite the deficit, Dornbirn also showed fighting spirit in the final phase of the first half and stood solid defensively, while SV Ried had the majority of the pitch – despite a lack of chances. 0:1 after 45 minutes.

Seventh consecutive defeat for Misaki Soto and FC Dornbirn. In contrast, Wilfried Isa and SV Gontamatic Red, who extended his winning streak.

A lightning start from Reed in the second half, followed by an open exchange of blows

Then Reid got off to a fast start in the second half: Belmen Bijanovic won in the middle after a right cross and headed in from close range under the roof of the goal – 0-2 and the third goal of the season technically. Skilled Bosnian (51).

As the game wore on, Rotosin’s side also accelerated and scored two great chances in the space of a few minutes through Anteo Vitahu and Marcel Krinjic to get back into the game. However, a lack of finishing luck and difficult field conditions were the downfall for the home team, as one shot went over the goal line, and the other was blocked on the goal line.

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At the end of the game, there was a well-balanced exchange of blows as the Raiders found their management style and confidently cruised home the winner – Inviertel are now unbeaten in eight games and move forward with a game in hand. Especially since the addition to “Jungblackies” is still pending, rising to third place.

Admiral League Two, Round 15

Saturday 25 November 2023, 2:30pm, Sparkasse Arena Birkenwiese Dornbirn, SAR: Alan Sadikowski

FC Mohren Dornbirn 1913 vs SV Guntamatic Red 0:2 (0:1)

FC Dornbirn: Odihal – Vazquez, Marcetta, Mechits, Marte, Krnic – Santin (CAL), Nussbaumer, Peche (Meyer 74), Sato (Gasner 85) – Vitaho. trainer: Thomas Janischetz.

SV Reid (3-4-3): Leitner (k) – Steurer, Havenaar, Malic (Hungarian 78th) – Vollmuth, Celek, J. Mayer (Diomandy 73rd), Bomberger – Isa, Gross (Marinsk 78th), Pejanovic (Rosdorfer 84th). trainer: Maximilian Senft.

Target sequence: 0:1 Steurer (25th), 0:2 Pejanovic (51st).

Yellow cards: Vitahu (67, foul), Vazquez (80,

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Image source: Daniel Schäringer and GEPA-ADMIRAL