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Jugendhaus Area52 Weiz – 2022 review: many projects, workshops and above all a lot of fun and games

Jugendhaus Area52 Weiz – 2022 review: many projects, workshops and above all a lot of fun and games

Taking care of children and young people, building relationships of trust and promoting personal development and participation, that was also the main focus of the work of the Area52 Weiz Youth Center in 2022.

With that in mind, a myriad of activities have been held in the weekly “Children’s Day” for children aged 9-12 and in the “Open House” for young people aged 12 and over.

In the spring, for example, they would do crafts, mix smoothies, and go to the movies. A workshop on fair fashion was held to raise awareness of sustainability.
The large natural garden was used to let off steam and relax, but also to grow herbs, berries and vegetables. Processed together throughout the year, cooked and, of course, enjoyed.

In the summer, there was again a varied holiday program, including a game box in the pool. In the fall, we also sat comfortably around the campfire, had a barbecue with the youth council and celebrated Halloween.

The highlights of 2022 were a visit by more than 100 children from the twin town of Ajka, a trip to the trampoline park and frequent open DJ lines, among other things, non-alcoholic cocktails and a party atmosphere. Tournaments have also been very popular, as participants can choose their own competition from a wide range of games on offer.

There were also a lot of performances for school classes and trainee groups. Nearly 40 classrooms with more than 1,000 students have been reached with workshops on topics such as democracy, empathy, addiction, and resilience. In the meantime, a weekly counseling service was made available at the Federal School Center.

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The Children’s Parliament and the Youth Council were equally busy. Among other things, the children dealt with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and visited the Styrian-wide Children’s Summit. Youth Council reconstituted, learning political awareness through simulation game and collecting ideas for next year.

What’s new in 2023?
The well-attended Kiddies Day show, where rides are fun, will expand in 2023 and will now also delight the 9-12 year old group on Wednesdays as well as on Tuesday afternoons.

The girls’ only *girls* hours will continue, when the girls are with each other and different value priorities are set. It should be done regularly on the Thursday of each month. This year on 26.1. It started with a workshop from the Women’s Health Center on the topic of self-esteem.