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New Elections: WIR Sellrainer presents their candidate for mayor

New Elections: WIR Sellrainer presents their candidate for mayor

Harald Willam, who has been a member of the Board of Directors for many years, is applying for the position of mayor in Sellin on February 26!

“I’m running! On February 26, 2023, a new mayor will be elected in Sellin and I will apply for this position in our beautiful community. Because our homeland is close to my heart. I am a municipal councilor since 1998 and a municipal councilor since 2004. I am proud to be able to help shape our village.” Harold Willam, a self-employed electrician in the Sellrain Valley and an experienced local politician, announced his candidacy for mayor of Sellrain Municipality on February 26. Elections became necessary after the former head of the society, Dr. Georg d’Ornauer transferred to the government of Tyrol in the fall as first deputy governor.

full motive

Willam was very excited when the race began: “WIR Sellrainer List has responsibly taken care of the improvements in our village in recent years. For this, and for our ideas for the future, the then Mayor Georg Dürenauer and our 2022 List have received great confidence. I would like to continue this successful path with WIR Sellrainer List, residents and implementation What we planned to do together a year ago.
Sellrain continues to develop over the next five years and implements significant projects in what it considers to be key areas – coexistence, infrastructure, culture, environment, safety, leisure – for our residents, and the candidate sets other goals.

full support

George Dornauer, The First Deputy Governor and Mayor of Sellin until October 25, 2022 underlined his full support: “2022 was more than an intense year that demanded a lot from us, but also presented many unforgettable moments. For me, one of them was the local council elections, in which my team and I received Great trust from you. That is why I want our village to continue to develop in the best way possible in the future.”
Dornauer believes that the successful path must continue together. And that is why I am delighted that Harald Willam, who I believe is the best man in our Sellrain, is running for mayor on the 26th of February. I will support Harald wherever I can, but of course especially in the municipal council, where our WIR Sellrainer list has 9 prides out of 13 states, but we also need a mayor with whom we can carry out our projects.”

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hard work

Deputy Mayor Sigrid Jordan – Also from the “Wir Sellrainer” list – Currently charged with the official business of the Mayor. She is also optimistic about the elections. “Together, we brought the disaster under control in 2015, and today our village is prettier and better than ever. This is the product of the hard work of the ward council and of our community. That hard work will also be needed in the future, and Harald Willam is the person I trust.” To do this work for our country.”