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It’s hard to believe – but 15 years after founding our small, but in our opinion more than wonderful, cultural association,, we still haven’t tired of it. Kalash’s 15th birthday at Stadtwerkstatt proved that we can celebrate. Four great bands graced our evening.

Four bands, a full house, a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere and really good food backstage: that’s what we like, and that’s how we like to celebrate our birthdays. Of course, we also like music.

For example, there’s the new Austrian band Tauch, which we first noticed at Ottensheim Open Air this year. “Tut Mir Sorry” is the name of the latest release, and the first single “Stay Here” has already reached six-figure streaming numbers. No wonder the world of diving is a world that people love to immerse themselves in. Moreover, live, is where the band, in our opinion, exploits its full potential. We are happy to have presented a stage at such a young stage. It is a variety of the most engaging genres and a narrative whose climax is certainly far from being reached.

Talk about a climax. We at always tend to exaggerate. Well, in purely musical terms, pay attention – maybe even this time, when Color The Night were actually the second band on stage. What can you say about that? Dudebert, that’s good. Indie music that is danceable, musically mature and ubiquitous on stage at a professional level. Disco fever and funky vibes at its best. There’s really nothing to say about that, except that Color The Night were the first band to make our dear sound engineer Armin dance behind a desk. That should actually be a quality enough feature!

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We continued with the “local reference”. You need it these days, more than ever. Although Anda Morts has now abandoned the “Local Hero” title, his work around Anda Morts, Die Partie and Co is not without good reason given the “Linzer School” title. Stylistically, Anda Morts moves furiously between empty bottles, filters and Adidas Für Mama, all neatly wrapped in a German-speaking indie rock style, spiced with a pinch of punk. The band clearly enjoyed the home game. The fact that he also secured a spot in Linz’s LIDO SOUNDS next year only fits with the picture. It’ll be bigger than your city workshop, we promise!

First we helped out on bass, then later as an onstage band: Cousins ​​​​​​Like Shit. Yes, they really are cousins ​​who make music together and do it well. “Avant Trash” is the name of the accompanying record, and rarely has a name been more important than here. It’s fun, danceable, invites you to sing along and emits a gentle buzz into your ear canals before visitors to the city workshop are released into the night. At this point again: Thank you for coming home in such a civilized way, so we were able to celebrate a little!

With a lineup like this, we’re clearly missing something, but we’re proud to present our collection of’s 15 years of photography this evening. The images on display can be enjoyed at the city’s workshop until November 14. We will be happy if you come to see our point of view in concert.

Last but not least, here’s a thank you: No, it’s not a given that after 15 years of cultural work we still enjoy it. This is largely thanks to dear readers here and to dear concert-goers at Stadtwerkstatt. Thank you for your loyalty to us for 15 years and for allowing visits to follow our enthusiasm for booking. Promise: It will continue, don’t worry! Around November 11th. We receive visitors from Klagenfurt at Trash-Qlash on board the saloon ship Fräulein Florentine, or on 24 November. at KAPU with the release of the new Ozymandias record. And there are sure to be some delicious dishes to discover for 2024 – we see you!

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the pictures: Ines Mayer, Oskar Fleishanderl, Mona Werner