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Kanye West and Irina Shayk: Here's what Kim Kardashian and Bradley Cooper have to say about their love affair

Kanye West and Irina Shayk: Here’s what Kim Kardashian and Bradley Cooper have to say about their love affair

It’s a connection no one expected until recently: the supermodel Irina Shayk (35) He is said to be a rap star Kanye West (44) Data!

long time no see! In the video above, Irina showed herself with her daughter Leah.

And this, in turn, shocked him not so long ago by separating him from the beauty of reality Kim kardashian (40). I formally filed for divorce from him in February – and only on Tuesday (June 8) for his birthday Promises to always love him. And Irina also did not have love happiness in the past: in 2019 she broke up with the father of her daughter Leah (4), an actor. Bradley Cooper (46).

‘Idiot’: Did Irina send a hidden message to Bradley’s ex in the video below?

Kanye West and Irina Shayk: Love Vacation in France!

Now it seems that this circle of love, filled with very prominent people, continues to transform: after there were already rumors of a love affair between Kanye and Irina, these are now apparently confirmed!

As reported by the American “”, the two stars were seen on his birthday on a love holiday together in Provence, France. Oh no no! According to eyewitness reports, they should have looked very much like a couple.

Insider: “You’re definitely dating”

According to, the model who was promoting Kanye’s “Yeezy” brand and the designer are actually in a romantic relationship – but it’s not been determined how serious the whole thing is. According to the British “” website, which contains photos of the romantic trip, an insider knows for sure: “You’re definitely dating.”

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So it will be interesting to see how the subtle connections between the two will develop in the future – and what Notable former partners The lovebirds farther away. If things get more serious, the Kardashian West clan Shayk Cooper could become one of the very interesting blended families in Hollywood.

Update (June 10): As it is now known, the tortoise between the 35-year-old and the nine-year-old has been going on for weeks. And it seems that the former Kim Kardashian has reported this. According to the American “” website, the influencer has no problem with that. “They don’t mind Kanye going on dates,” said a site insider. “Just take care of the kids.” Kim, who has four children with her ex-husband, insists on spending this time with her dad and doesn’t want a friend to get in her way. Bradley, Irina’s ex-partner, appears to be quietly taking her new love. According to, who also spoke to an insider, Bradley is wholeheartedly behind everyone Irina has been dating: “He just wants her to be happy.”