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"Just being a copy is not enough"

“Just being a copy is not enough”

Dieter Bohlen recently put a fast sole on the floor with Karina: not every professional liked to perform.Photo: dpa / Daniel Bockwoldt

It’s clear that Dieter Bohlen won’t be appearing on RTL’s “Let’s Dance” land anytime soon. The pop giant had to say goodbye to his decades-old job as a TV presenter: not only did he have to vacate the “DSDS” jury seat mid-season, but he’s also not been a member of the “Das Supertalent” jury since 2021 of much.

The former Modern Talking star has repeatedly stated that he does not mind the time gained, on the contrary, he is now enjoying his new everyday life and family life. However, Bohlen doesn’t want to be too inactive next year. He announced only at the beginning of the week that he will be playing “Favorite Songs” at the festival on August 6, along with others stars Like Vanessa May or Beatrice Egli, they’ll be featured as special guests in Bonn.

In general, it appears Instagram Always on his funny side and with some action on the platform, a lot of potential for the meme has already been created. His latest video, in which he performs a short dance with his partner Karina, has now been ripped in the air by Joachim Lambie’s stern “Let’s Dance” judge.

Lumpy was unaffected by Bohlin’s Christmas dance clip

For the song “Da Hey I Think I’m Sexy?” By Rod Stewart, Bohlen jumped into the picture with Kareena in her Christmas outfit and performing a short performance in a hip swing. The starting point for it was a clip of the artist himself, Stewart dancing in front of the Christmas tree with his partner Penny Lancaster. For Bohlen, an Instagram video was once again a click guarantee, and more than 32,000 hearts have already been awarded for it.

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Joachim Lampe, however, has shown that he is the opposite of a performance”picture“Little impressed. He expected his evaluation, instead of the maximum number of ten points, the judge gave only three trivial points: “With Bohlens there are only three points for Karina. More is not possible.” He further indicated:

“Rod Stewart can do that. Just being a copy isn’t enough.”

It should have sat that, after all, there are always allegations of transcription to be complained about at Bohlen, whose Modern Talking songs are supposed to always be very similar, according to critics.

Finally, Lampe drew another resemblance and went in a fashion trend. Because he didn’t like the shirts Bohlen and Karina wore during their little dance, the songwriter’s face with a Santa Claus hat can be seen. Llambi found: “to birthday One dress correctly. Just like Rod Stewart and Benny Lancaster did.” Reaching out for one last pass, he moaned:

“You either have style or you don’t – and this Christmas should be like Rod Stewart and Penny.”

Joachim Lampe has a lot to complain about in Dieter Bohlen's dance.

Joachim Lampe has a lot to complain about in Dieter Bohlen’s dance.Photo: Imago Pictures/Daniel Lakomsky

The candidates for “Let’s Dance” remain unclear

Not only Dieter Bohlens, but also the next few months for Joachim Llambi look clearly defined: new “Let’s Dance” seasons always start around February and so far nothing indicates that Llambi will not be a juror on the TV dance show again. Since the first season he evaluates the lead candidates who rehearse new dances week after week with their permanently appointed partners.

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It’s still especially exciting for them fans Right now, which celebrity will be there in 2022, pop singer Michelle is a good first as for sure. But it will also be interesting to find out who the professional dancers are. Fan favorite Ekaterina Leonova had to skip two seasons in a row after winning the title of “Dancing Star” three times in a row.

But while Dieter will have to deal with a slap of Lambi initially, Karina may at least be a suitable candidate… Fortunately, the audience does not have to wait long for the official announcement of the participants.