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Kapellmeister District - Roland Schaller: "I like to entertain people"

Kapellmeister District – Roland Schaller: “I like to entertain people”

The love of music runs in the Roland Schaller family, so to speak, because even in elementary school the 50-year-old regularly played with his grandfather Joseph Schaller, who for many years was the leader of the music club “Frisch Auf” Schattendorf. In 1984 he joined Musikverein as a musician and plays the tenor trumpet.

Brass Music Festival in Bad Orb as a highlight

In 2008, he followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and took the position of Kapellmeister at the Schattendorf Music Club, initially on a temporary basis. “This task made me very happy and that is why I decided to continue with it,” according to the original musician.

Many beautiful shows and excursions have been organized since then. “A highlight is definitely the concert tour at the International Wind Music Festival in Bad Orb, Germany. We made music here at the opening, at various concerts and at the big final concert with thousands of musicians from all over the world. But our trip to Grimma in the county of Leipzig was also great, “This is what Schaller, who works part-time at an insurance company, said.

In 2018, the music association “Frisch Auf” was able to organize an annual Christmas party in the parish church of Schattendorf together with Haydn Choir from Eisenstadt and play a ballroom performance in the Eisenstadt Chamber of Commerce.

Behind Schaller Berner as Cappelmeister

This year there was a change at the top of the district and Roland Schaller took over as district commander from Ewald Perner.

Schaller is well aware of the problems many brass teams have when it comes to hiring Kapellmeister. “Basically, the problem is with the young ones, because the musician has to train a lot, and for the conductor, the conductor’s training must be completed first. The Brass Band Association is very involved in this and organizes youth competitions and youth camps to impart the joy of music to young people.”

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For Roland Schaller, music is part of the heart of his life alongside his family. He is not only the conductor of the music association “Frisch Auf” Schattendorf and the district leader, but also the coordinator of “Bohemian Friends”, which consists of 15 musicians. With his band “Roland and Company”, consisting of musicians and singer, he performs on various occasions and is a trombone player with “Bigband Wiener Neustadt”.

“Music is good for every mood and I like to entertain people. I also listen to a lot of music in my private life, ranging from brass bands to rock. I also like to convey my little daughter’s love for music,” says the father, who would like to invite heartily. All brass music fans come to the three-day music festival in Schattendorf this past weekend in August to celebrate its 65th anniversary. In the music club “Fresh Auf”.