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Maneskin cleaning in Nova Rock

Maneskin cleaning in Nova Rock

And they kept their word: Maneskin fired the “Zitti E Buoni” breakout hit as an opener. One has a sufficient number of other hit songs in the quiver: whether the musicians dance on the stage with “Gasoline” (lyric: “We will dance with gasoline”) or next to each other – sometimes on top of each other – “I want to be your slave”. Rhythms and vocals of the guitar strewn across the terrain, it was the perfect rock concert that is cheerful, heavy, and lively.

It’s cool how they covered the classic “Begin” soul in the middle, made Britney Spears their “womanier” and paid homage to “Mr.” (David) Iggy Pop (“I Want to Be Your Dog”). Did someone say Manskin is a cover band? “I don’t care,” said David in the crowded area in front of the Blue Stage.

David is a rock star, without a doubt. The singer enlivens the audience, has great charisma and voice. The percussion instrument of bassist Victoria De Angelis and drummer Ethan Torchio couldn’t be better in terms of management – the duo pressed hard but with style and feel. Guitarist Thomas Raggi, who searched for pigeons in the crowd and continued to play, created an impressive guitar sound. Rock died? of course no. “We address the youth. And we are fine,” Torchio laughed in the interview. exactly!

Metal Heads await Korn on the red stage. For guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, “The Unity” is the focus – both in terms of his band and interaction with the audience. “It’s really a blessing to go on tour. Of course sometimes you are in a bad mood or you miss your family,” he said in an interview with APA. “But then when you go out, all that energy goes into your body.” The album shows “Requiem” that The band was recently released with Finding Fire Again.He said of his bandmates, “Everyone has the same vision.” “Why did we start with Korn? We keep doing what we set our minds to in the beginning. It keeps going until the wheels fall off.”

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“None of us get angry when we’re on stage. It’s just fun,” the head nodded. Of course, traveling and waiting can bother you, but try to see different places or visit restaurants. “But actually, for me it is all about meditation and myself time. People bother you every day, they are everywhere! You have to block out all that noise on the days when you are not playing.” He’s hoping for a special time for the show at Nova Rock. “We didn’t have a lot of our gear with us today because it had already been shipped to the next gig,” Head laughed. “I just want to connect with people. Come on, let’s do this!”

Old champions of the ’90s are Dog Eat Dog: The American crossover band, which has been particularly successful in Europe, is currently working on new material and headlined the Red Bull Stage on Friday. “It’s great to be back after those two years,” guitarist Dave Niebuhr said, recalling the pandemic period. “And also: Whenever we come, the sun comes out. That’s just the way it is!” he laughed. “Of course Covid was difficult for us because we invested a lot of time and worked before that to get back in again. And then you are doomed to do nothing! Fortunately we don’t have to start over now. Just hit the pause button – now it’s done moving forward “.

Why is the band still on the road after nearly 30 years? “The key to longevity is friends first, everything comes after. Niebuhr stressed that. Anyway, musicians live in live shows.” We may not have the best albums, but when we’re on stage we have incredible energy. We don’t know exactly how it’s done, but it makes people happy,” Niebuhr said. “So we always give everything. Concerts are everything to me. It’s really a give and take.”

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While She Sleeps wanted to test how many people can surf at the same time: British band Metalcore created a great atmosphere in front of the Blue Stage for the first time in the afternoon, with rider Lawrence “Loz” Taylor not getting tired of cheering the crowd. Solid guitars, massive avalanches and plenty of movement in the hole were a guarantee of sweaty, but also happy faces. rain and tiredness? It has always been forgotten at this point, as Sportfreunde Stiller was able to find out afterwards. Her self-described “soft pop” was also well received, including old hits and newer hits (“I’m fine!”). And that day was far from over.

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