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Gallery – Art as Adventure

Gallery – Art as Adventure

On Saturday evening, the “Pali-art” gallery became a meeting place for artists of a very special kind and, for the second time, invited Erich Palmanshofer to a party in his studio and in his attractively designed garden area. On this wonderful evening, the house was alive from many guests.

Many art lovers came and maintained a lively exchange with the exhibitors. What is exceptional and what is established has been shown. Dealing with art is a gift that should not be dispensed with, as one visitor put it in a nutshell.

The works on display were as varied as the flowers in the garden. Krista Dietl gives insight into her art pieces, which define themes of light, space, and distance. Paul Duff Papenbeck not only displayed his wire sculptures, but also his finely etched panels. Pius Litzbauer sheds light on his conceptual series, experimenting with new ways of composing images using digital technology.

Kurt Bachner and Karl Höbarth focused on experimenting with a variety of materials and methods. For painters, the attitude to life is an important motive for painting. Christian Gashavin lured us into the world of cartoons. With a thin line aimed at the greats of politics, art or society, without many words, but always to the point.

The exhibition also featured a wide range of Erik Palmenshofer’s work, which oscillates between abstraction and representation. Fun and entertaining art event.

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