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Kautzen Memory: The choir has been around for 150 years

Kautzen Memory: The choir has been around for 150 years

Created on June 16, 2022 | 05:20

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GMV Hilaria Kautzen celebrated its 150th anniversary with a concert.

Gerald Motsam

hIlaria Cotzen was founded in 1872 and celebrated on Saturdays with a concert.

In 1872, as was customary at the time, it was established as a male choir. Over time it developed into a mixed choir. On Saturday, GMV Hilaria Kautzen held its 150th anniversary party. A special program was also selected for this special occasion. I offered a cross section of different styles. Visitors were greeted with “Grüass Gott-Jodler”. The first program block continued with popular songs. The choir that evening was supported by the Zugumzug trio accordion. Coral Kautzen member Christian Case met Maria Costner and Erin Horndel at an accordion seminar. They have been composing music together for four years now.

That evening the choir, among other things, escorted us to the “little café at Hernals” through the opera theater in the “choir of prisoners” from Nabucco to “Somewhere in the World”, made famous by its “harmonious comedians”. The last song on the official program was “Roger Bobo Plays the Tuba”. Roger Bobo is an American musician who also sent a video message through personal contacts congratulating the choir on its anniversary.

Choir members were honored during the ceremony. In the end, pianist Vlastimil Barakat, who has accompanied the choir on the piano for 32 years, said goodbye. He’s retiring, so the concert was his last performance with the vocal band. Mayor Manfred Wühl thanked the entire GMV Hilaria for their long service, wished them all the best for the future and handed over a personal donation.