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Michael Niavarani hides Rosenberg -

Michael Niavarani hides Rosenberg –


The song “Some Like It Hijab” will be shown this summer in Rosenborg (Horn region). The local theatrical version of the French film “Full Veiled” written by cabaret artist Michael Nivarani. The match will be played until July 31.

The comedy show will start on Thursday, June 23rd. Author Michael Niavarani, a cult cabaret artist with Persian roots, dedicates himself to contemporary themes that often lack the humor in everyday life. “Our apartment is too small because you really wanted to live in a luxury neighborhood,” Alexander says to Mitra in the play. She replies, “Yes, please excuse me, we are mare – where do we live too? In the slums with immigrants? That’s ridiculous.”

Women’s veiling, extremism, and male dominance are also discussed in the theater. The plot unfolds on the basis of the love affair between Leila – a Muslim – and Alexander – a non-religious French and the son of Iranian parents. Both are studying political science and want to move to New York to work for the United Nations.

Confusion of two worlds

However, Alexander’s parents have already chosen a future wife – a Frenchwoman. Leila’s side is also trying to torpedo the relationship: her brother develops into an extremist and prevents his sister from loving Alexander. He, in turn, has to pretend to be someone else in order to see his beloved Laila again.

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Rosenberg Comedy Culture Midsummer Night's Preview 2022

Martin Hess

Mitra (center) knows nothing of the relationship between her son Alexander (left) and Leyla (right).
Rosenberg Comedy Culture Midsummer Night's Preview 2022

Martin Hess

Amir (right) brother of Laila ends the relationship, so Alexander pretends to be a teacher and wears the hijab.
Rosenberg Comedy Culture Midsummer Night's Preview 2022

Martin Hess

Amir falls in love with the supposed teacher
Rosenberg Comedy Culture Midsummer Night's Preview 2022

Martin Hess

Chaos is pre-programmed

The play’s description says Rosenberg’s “preconceptions” should be “discarded”. Director Nina Bloom spoke about comedy in depth: “Michael Niavarani manages to deal with prejudices and cultural differences in nightclub style, but without offending or offending anyone. His fast-paced and slapstick language make “Some Like It Hot” or “Charley’s Aunt” Wrong entertainment comedy.”

Shipping Notice

Theater Festival 25 June 2022

Shows will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday until July 31 in the weatherproof covered theater tent in front of Rosenborg. There is also a shuttle bus from Vienna for the performance on July 17th. For the first time, Summer Night Comedy is a “green event” – it has an Austrian environmental certificate.

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