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Kevin Spacey receives a Lifetime Achievement Film Award in Turin

Kevin Spacey receives a Lifetime Achievement Film Award in Turin

While US actor Kevin Spacey faces seven more allegations of abuse in the UK, he is set to receive a lifetime achievement award from Italy’s National Film Museum. On Friday, via video link, he pleaded not guilty at his hearing in London. On the same day he arrived in Turin, where he was awarded. The planned award sparked heated debates.

Spacey spends a week in Turin for a master class at the Cinema Museum Hall. On Monday, the 63-year-old will present the movie “American Beauty” directed by Sam Mendes. Spacey won an Academy Award for his role in the 1999 production. Spacey talks to museum director Domenico Di Gaetano about his career and the films he’s been in. In this context, he will receive the award for the film “Stella della Mole”.

A film from Spacey’s career will then be shown at Cinema Massimo, which the actor will be able to choose and present himself. “We are honored that a distinguished guest such as Kevin Spacey has chosen Turin and an institutional setting such as our Museum for this welcome and long overdue return,” said Enzo Giggo, President of the National Film Museum.

Spacey was back on camera in Turin last year. He plays the lead detective in L’uomo Che Disegnò Dio, The Man Who Painted God. Spacey visited the museum during filming, and that is how the collaboration began.

The award drew criticism from associations working against discrimination and abuse in Italy. Gigi said, “Victims of abuse do not have the same opportunity to speak out as accused celebrities. While I can’t know whether or not Spacey was responsible for the abuse, since he has been charged, he should not be given an award,” Gigi Malaroda, a spokesperson for the association, said. Maurice.

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The star of the TV series “House of Cards” has been charged in London with seven counts of sexually harassing a man and engaging him in sexual acts against his will. Regarding the old allegations, the trial is scheduled to begin on June 6.