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6 games that made Tetris easy for '90s kids

6 games that made Tetris easy for '90s kids

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I won't be impressed until my Tetris boy plays these games too.

A 13-year-old with the username “Blue Scuti” has achieved what no one has achieved since its release in 1989: he played through “Tetris” on the NES. After 157 levels, the boy reaches a “True Killscreen” (system crash), which experts consider the “true ending” of Tetris.

We say: Nonsense! When we think back to our childhood in the 90s, we immediately think of a whole series of games that were as impossible for us to play as Tetris, if not more difficult. We cannot forget these games just as students cannot forget these 15 sentences from their teachers. For various reasons.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (1993)

For us, as for many '90s kids, Link's Awakening was one of the first full-length adventure games. Childish enthusiasm! Wind fish song! Stupid chicken! And the almost unsolvable question: Where the hell should I go?! Because although the many puzzles and battles in “Link's Awakening” were a real challenge, that was the biggest difficulty: we were constantly getting lost, and most of the time we had no idea where we were and how to get there. This other person finds our way back to where we really wanted to go and what's really going on here. It was magical.

2. Super Mario Land (1989)

Admittedly, Super Mario Land isn't that difficult to play. But for our clumsy, childish hands, the journey always ended at plane level at the latest. Between unnaturally aggressive clouds, stressful maze paths and the world's most annoying birds, we always end up running out of lives. Since you're allowed to start from the beginning every time with “Game Over,” patience also applies.

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3. Rayman (1995)

Even if it looks innocuously colorful: Rayman was then, and still is, one of the most brutal games we've ever played. It starts off very casually, with relaxing music and friendly tulips, and what feels like ten seconds later you're being swept off tiny platforms by GOD DAMN BOOTS, sinking miserably into water that's rising too quickly and being hit by pencil dots. Although you can *technically* cache it, you only have a limited number of lives available throughout the entire game. And when they're gone, well, Chow Cacao! Again, leeks.


4. The Second Serpent (2000)

Most of us played Snake for the first time on the Nokia 3310, but then with great enthusiasm and every free minute. But we were very bad at it. “Winning” Snake is simply a matter of getting the highest score possible, which was 2338 in Snake II. But we never got that far, despite hours of schoolyard training.

5. The Third Mystery: Exile (2001)

For a change, a game that does not require special skill, but it does require some brains. And logical ability. And patience. Not necessarily our greatest strengths as elementary school students. The world of Myst was stunningly beautiful and engaging, but the game explained precious little to you, and relied on us to somehow figure it all out. But we didn't do that.

Our experience with “Myst III: Exile” consisted primarily of aimlessly wandering back and forth, searching for any text-filled clues and fiddling with buttons, levers and mechanisms in a state of confusion until we finally gave up after several hours. 10/10!

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6. Crash Bandicoot (1996)

Did you think “Rayman” was difficult? Ha! Compared to the first Crash Bandicoot, this was just childish nonsense. This chick from hell required an unnatural level of hand-eye coordination and was simply merciless.

Unlike later “Crash Bandicoot” games, there was no double jump here – so there was no way to correct a *less-than-perfect* jump, and “Crash Bandicoot” requires a lot of perfect jumps. Few games have given us so many childish tantrums and flight controllers.

Gah! We are angry again. Let it rain first. Maybe with one of these posts:

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