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KHM performs “The Colors of the Serenissima” at the DomQuartier

KHM performs “The Colors of the Serenissima” at the DomQuartier

DomQuartier in Salzburg celebrates its 10th birthday this year. Among the highlights of the anniversary programme, director Andrea Stockhammer made a guest appearance for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (KHM) with a screening of “The Colors of Serenissima” at a press conference on Wednesday. Stockhammer announced that first-rate works from Titian to Canaletto would be on display from June 20.

The DomQuartier is a unique museum tour through the exhibitions in the residence, in the halls of the cathedral, in the long alley of St. Peter's Monastery and in the Valais wing. On the occasion of the anniversary, the director wants, among other things, to illustrate the networks without which the power and splendor of the princes and bishops of Salzburg would not have been possible.

One such network of relationships links Salzburg with Venice. Trade was the focus. Salt and silver moved from Salzburg to the port city, and spices and luxury goods moved from Venice to the north. There were also many artistic relationships in architecture, music, and binding art. Museum curator Cedem Ozel explained that the KHM Foundation provides a total of 52 loans, including paintings, bronze and glass objects.

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the birth of Prince Archbishop Marcus Siticus, who brought Venetian-style public celebrations and Italian theater to Salzburg, the DomQuartier is hosting the Venice Festival on August 31 at the residence and in the inner courtyard. An open day with Venetian music is planned for May 11 to mark the anniversary, and an international conference is scheduled for November to explore relations between Salzburg and Venice.

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This year will celebrate not only the 10th anniversary of the DomQuartier, but also the 50th anniversary of the Cathedral Museum. It was founded by the cathedral chapter in 1974 on the occasion of the 1,200th anniversary of the founding of the Salzburg Cathedral, said its director Reinhard Gratz. The cathedral's treasure and ecclesiastical art were given a home in the cathedral's south oratory, and a room of art and curiosities was created in the cathedral's south arch, a successor to the historic art room and attached to the museum.

On the occasion of Christmas, the Robertus Cross in Bischofshofen will be restored as the most important historical art exhibit in the museum. It is the largest extant metal cross from the early Middle Ages. Gratz hopes that removing the metal plates from the wooden core will provide new insights into the origins of the cross and its origins. An open day is scheduled at the cathedral museum on April 6.

The Salzburg Museum, currently closed due to construction works, has a guest show in the North Hall from March 8. Shown are large-scale views of holy sites, painted by Hubert Sattler – son of Johann Michael Sattler, creator of the great city panorama – after his travels around the world. On display are 19 Sattler cosmoramas from four continents and, for the first time, drawings and drawings created on site.

The memory of DomQuartier will also be addressed in artistic and cultural education. Among other things, a series of discussions are scheduled. A new show deals with Mozart's relationship with the court of the Prince Archbishop. In collaboration with the Mozarteum Foundation, the tour takes you to Mozart's birthplace and family home and to the official rooms of the residence. A 3D digital representation of the DomQuartier's building history aims to help understand the evolution of the heart of the World Heritage City.

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Stockhammer is satisfied with the development of visitor numbers. With 120,000 visitors, the number was slightly below the pre-pandemic level, the director said.