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Tesla dragged by a combustion engine: does it charge the battery?

from Lars Schwechtenberg AM 10.10.2021

Winter test: Tesla Model 3 Long Range can do it at minus 14 degrees

What actually happens if a stromer is pulled with an empty battery? Is the energy restored through recovery sufficient to continue your journey independently and if so, for how long? Is it really allowed to tow an electronic car? You will find the answers with us. In the video, you can watch the endurance test of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

YouTube username Cyber ​​Hooligan Now follow these questions with an experiment in practice. Specifically, the Tesla Model 3 with an empty battery was taken from a Toyota with a combustion engine on the tow hook. However, just towing the e-car shouldn’t be careless, especially if there is damage and therefore the Stromer crashes. Tesla itself warns against such actions.

However, Cyber ​​Hooligan Model 3 had to be used to try. However, this was only possible thanks to a certain residual charge in the battery, so that the car’s systems would still function properly. Thus, the towing motion can be equated with a long motor on a slope during which the battery can regenerate itself through recovery. You did amazingly well in the video. Toyota has to struggle a lot with the “Tesla load”, but the Tesla battery is recovering quickly. The experiment begins with a remaining range of 3 miles (4.83 km), after only half a mile of diameter, this has already doubled to 6.2 miles (about 10 km), watch the video.

The towing movement brings electricity to about 60 kilometers

In total, Tesla was towed 6.2 miles (about 10 kilometers) and generated electricity for about 60 kilometers, which corresponds to a charging capacity of about 35 kilowatts. In practice, that should be enough to get to the next charging station independently. So under those circumstances, towing would be an option, at least for the Model 3. However, the “tractor” must be equipped with a motor that can handle this load. However, the amount of fuel detonated in action does not come out of the video.

At ADAC, it’s all about diameterElectric cars are usually loaded and cannot be towed safely. The reason given is that when the car is towed, i.e. when the wheels are rolling, power is still generated in the electric motor. If power flows into the electric motor without active and working electronics, high inductive voltages can arise, which can permanently and severely damage the control electronics.

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