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TV Commentary: Rated Reliability: “The Dream Ship” docks in the living room again

TV Commentary: Rated Reliability: “The Dream Ship” docks in the living room again

Mag auch der Christbaum schief, die Weihnachtsgans verbrannt und das wichtigste Geschenk vom Paketdienst nicht mehr rechtzeitig geliefert worden sein, auf eines ist immer Verlass: „Das Traumschiff“ legt im TV-Hafen an, dafür verschiebt der ORF sogar den „Tatort“ auf 22 hour. Because for all its changing viewing habits, TV series that began in 1981 have proven unsinkable, even though they’ve had little or no update since then, and the one surprising thing about scripts is that they’re so predictable. with it. Ordinary audiences appreciate this reliability, by the captain’s dinner at the latest, all problems have been resolved, all sentimental thrillers have had a happy ending. And the heart melody still comes from James Last.

ZDF managed to pull in over six million viewers with its final episode, “Lappland” in November (averaging 650,000 viewers via ORF 2), and now it’s headed to the Maldives – and yes: the visuals create suspense, but it takes nearly half an hour to complete. To get to Coco Island. Sometimes one wants more exterior shots and fewer words.
In terms of content, the trajectory never changes – to Shallows, as a TV critic so wonderfully described it on the 40th anniversary of “The Ship of Dreams.”
“The Dream Ship: Coco Island,” Stefanitag, ORF 2 & ZDF, 8:15 p.m.

On Coco Island: Max Barger (Florian Silberisen) does not hide the differences between his friends Oliver (Wayne Karpendel, right) and Philip Brand (Luke Mockridge, center).