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Who do we remember after 20 years of DSDS

Who do we remember after 20 years of DSDS

aThis should be negative criticism Dieter Bohlen To be especially proud in hindsight. It was 2010 and Sarah Engels tried her luck with DSDS for the first time. She made it to the next round and was scheduled to sing “You Don’t Know” for Milo with another contestant. But the nerves of the seventeen-year-old failed, and she could not put the script together. “The number is so easy, you hear it on the radio all day, over and over again. If you don’t have it, bye,” Bohlin purrs. Perhaps a fateful expulsion, because the way things unfolded a year later may have exceeded the most wildest dreams of the station officials: Engels met Pietro Lombardi on the summons in the Maldives.

Since then there’s been flirtation and foreplay, and even if the relationship has been denied for a long time, RTL finally had a couple in the final match, including a white dress for Engels (a wedding organized on the couch, contrary to all RTL fears, that was a very good thing and that was none other than the ProSieben Awards 2019 in GNTM). Run in the final run out However, his voice superior Sarah took her place and became the eighth winner of the DSDS – with his likable and goofy nature, he had viewers on his side.

Fortunately, the symbolism remained: Pietro Lombardi and Sarah Engels stepped through a ring in their wedding attire at the end.

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Sarah and Petro’s RTL Festival followed. Not only was the winning title released in two iterations, viewers have since been able to learn a lot about the two’s lives in various documentary formats – the couple built a house, toured a motorhome, and finally had an experienced son. They suffered a stroke immediately after the birth of their son Alessio, who was born with a heart defect. When the Lombards broke up in 2016, half the country shared: “The main thing is that Alessio is fine!” While interest in the private lives of the two, who have long since returned to start a family with new partners, seems unbroken, their background music jobs shifted. After all, they have survived so far from participating in the jungle camp. Pietro Lombardi is back as juror instead DSDS return. Somehow you’re happy for him. (Juliette Anton)

The rise of King Menderes Bagci

In 17 consecutive seasons, Menderes Bağcı tried his luck with DSDS and never found it. His persistence and high-pitched nasal voice made him unforgettable. Dieter Bohlen once called him “the voice of the eunuch.” In 2002, Bağcı’s career began as “the most consistent and certainly the most recognizable participant” in the DSDS, as stated on her website. He performed the song “I Can’t Let U Go” for Usher. It didn’t get beyond the preliminary jury. Only the third time, he performed the song “U Remind Me”, again for Usher, in front of Dieter Bohlen.

He had a clear opinion of Bagji’s appearance. “Wonderful thing,” Bohlin said at the time. In the ensuing years, Bohlen Bagci was repeatedly insulted and laughed at after his performance. In a 2016 article, the newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung called him Dieter Bohlen’s whipping boy. However, he did not give up, repeatedly surrendering to the malice and bullying of viewers. Eight years later, Bağcı reached “Recall” for the first time, but did not surpass it in any season. Since he was too old to participate in DSDS at the age of 30, Bağcı sang a variety of his previous songs in 2018 in the 15th season selection out of competition.

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