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Klagenfurt inspires music and movies

Klagenfurt inspires music and movies


Marie and Louise are Marie-Thérèse Vollmer and her guitar is Louise. The Klagenfurt singer-songwriter’s first CD was released that year. She is currently working on a new women-focused film project.

Marie-Thérèse Vollmer goes to Lendhafen every day. For them it is the most beautiful outdoor sitting room. Her guitar Louise is often there. Her songs are poignant because she sings about what we feel over and over again.

The first CD is brand new. For Marie-Thérèse Vollmer, music is a source of livelihood: “It’s an incredible support for me. It gives me support and I love doing it. Not only for myself, but also for others. I was able to learn fortunately for myself that other people like it too.”


Her film projects focus on women and children

On Haven 11, Marie-Thérèse Vollmer has worked on several projects with director Robert Chapus. She also participated in the movie “Alpenland”. “I love this co-working space. Haven 11 has become my home outlet,” says the artist.

For her first feature-length documentary project, the artist wants to put women at the forefront and accompany them. The issue has not been revealed yet as the decision-making phase is underway on whether the film will be financed.

Playmobil character


Together with Bertram Knappich, I realized the project “Children Make Cinema” – contemporary cinema education in the best sense of the word. “We want to make it possible to experience how film production works and to create this space of opportunity from idea to screen,” says Marie-Therese Vollmer. She feels very comfortable in Klagenfurt. There are many reasons why they should stay.

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