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Now there are Lego "buildings" in the windows of Louis Vuitton »Ledersent

Now there are Lego “buildings” in the windows of Louis Vuitton »Ledersent

| Editorial Board

| 11/15/2022

As part of the collaboration, the displays become a festive spectacle for the two brands.

Colorful and 3D scenes will decorate Louis Vuitton store windows until January 1, 2023. It is a continuation of a creative process that began last year with Louis Vuitton 200 bags to celebrate the bicentenary of the luxury brand. The Lego Group was part of this process and contributed a large birthday cake made from around 31,700 bricks. Now there is something just right for the Christmas season.

Round birthday as an occasion

This year, which marks the 90th anniversary of the founding of the building blocks, certified LEGO experts are calling for action again. This is a group of model makers who have turned their passion for the Lego System-in-Play into a profession. They are often referred to as ‘master builders’ because they are the creative minds behind large scale building blocks that people all over the world can admire.

This year’s collaboration between the two popular brands should also reach people outside and inside stores. Snow-covered Christmas trees are reminiscent of winter, while brick-covered backdrops appear in damier-style arrangements. Many tree trunk shapes, including those for “fine jewelry” outlets, are decorated with Lego tiles.

Large amount of artwork

The main artworks should not only serve as decorative items but should also demonstrate the effort that went into the handiwork. According to the official information, the sense of tradition between the two brands should also be emphasized through their collaboration. Once the artworks have been disassembled, the bricks will be reused through local partnerships to encourage building and learning through play for children in local schools.

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