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The woman from the gas station as a guest performer

The woman from the gas station as a guest performer


“The Woman from the Gas Station”—that’s the name of a guest performance at the Grazer Schauspielhaus on Wednesday, which lights up the gas station as a social hotspot, told from the perspective of an employee. The director and author of the one-woman play is Graz cabaret artist and musician Jörg Martin Wellenauer.

Event information:
The Woman from the Gas Station will appear as a guest on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 8:30 pm at Haus Drei at the Grazer Schauspielhaus.

It’s the last day of work for employee Petra Winkler, who has run the shop for four years and has now quit. Now she is supposed to train her successor.

Ordinary makes the piece special

The Woman from the Gas Station is a guest play at the Graz Theater, the fictional plot of which is based on interviews with gas station employees. For director and author Jörg-Martin Willnauer, the everyday situations embedded in it make the play so special: “It is a story from the life of a woman who struggles with many situations and sees how she can handle them.”


Jörg Martin Wellenauer is the author and director of the one-woman play The Woman at the Gas Station.

A rollercoaster of emotions

Mrs. Winkler also has to come to terms with her own situation, as she has been involved in a dalliance with her boss – until his wife finds out.

The woman from the gas station is on stage


Actress Katherine Ebner plays Petra Winkler, a gas station employee, in The Woman from the Gas Station.

“This piece has an incredible number of colors as it goes from part funny to part wild and part very serious,” explains actress Catherine Ebner. There are many people in it and you encounter many things in it.”

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