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Klangspuren Schwaz 2023 with Birgit Minechmayer and Lucas Koenig

Klangspuren Schwaz 2023 with Birgit Minechmayer and Lucas Koenig

The focus this year is on the actress and singer Birgit Menichmayer and drummer and cross genre Luke King. With this selection and with its many premieres, he said on Wednesday, the Festival of Contemporary Music under the artistic direction of Christophe Denz wants to interact with the present and the past with “openness and curiosity”.

This is how you bid On the 16th and 17th of September In concert with Minichmayr, for example, songs by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. While the content is quite classic, the electric guitar strumming by Martin Siewert and video projections by Herwig Weiser should provide a contemporary touch.

It’s easier to draw that line back to the present and to the pretense of festival with Koenig, who favors meandering between hip-hop, jazz and avant-garde sonic experiments. He will introduce himself as a “composer.” On September 21st Dealing with marimbaphone and electronics in his new program.

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The same On the 22nd of September To be tried again under “breaking news transmission”. Two world premieres were made on the program that evening, featuring Koenig and New York saxophonist Ingrid LeBrock. In this vein, Victoria Shin plays the “special guest” of the pinball machine.

You can also meet this group On September 11th Again, because this year they are performing as a “band in residence.” Pieces by Timothy McCormack, Hans Kirschbaumer or Anna Courson, for example, were premiered on this date.

More information about this year’s program is available here.