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Culture in Aichwaldsee: The poster for the June program is here!

Culture in Aichwaldsee: The poster for the June program is here!

Culture in the Aichwaldsee program in June 2023

Fri 02.06.23 7 p.m
Friday music session

The open stage in Aichwaldsee. Play along, sing along or just listen. It is held every first Friday of the month.

Sat 03.06.23 7 p.m
Baz Ramsid – Live

Paz Ramsed are the residents of Villach: Dietmar Cork, Markus Blessing and Patrick Rottensteiner. The sound is a mixture of stoner rock, psychedelia and punk.

Fri 09.06.23 7 p.m
UllisArt “Timeless” – Vernissage

Ole Baumgartner from Villach presents this year’s ceramics exhibition in Aichwaldsee. Her creations in ceramic and acrylic paintings radiate a timeless elegance that is both classic and modern. Singer Julia Baumgartner, accompanied by pianist and recording studio owner Mag Dietmar Wassermann, will provide the musical setting for the French.

Saturday 6/10/23 7 p.m
Rock the Lake – Concert

Rock and Pop with Franz Pölzl, Eva Kovacic and Martina Zahn. The most delicious dishes from yesterday to today. Relax and experience in a wonderful setting!

Sunday 11.06.23 2 p.m
MUSIC & LITERA TOUR 1.0.2 Update

Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann is primarily appreciated for his literary work, but his achievements in other fields of art are less well known. ETA Hoffmann and Music fills this gap, as the book shows the writer as a musician and also deals with the phenomenon of multiple talents and the question of what goals art in general can or should have.

Fri 6/16/23 7 p.m
Galvin Garden – Concert

Elke Galvin – Singer-songwriter with a voice that transports you to another world. Their music is a unique blend of folk, pop, and soul, with captivating lyrics and melodies that linger long after the song is finished.

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Saturday 17 06/23/07 pm
Uninvited – rock music is made for you in Villach!

Special cuts and cover versions by Carlos (bass), Martin (drums), and Ingmar (guitar). We Uninvited: Carlos from Barcelona and Martin Ingmar from Germany. The three of us have teamed up at the international meeting place in Vilash to enrich the world with our music or at least make it a little louder.
Also this time around we have a selection of tracks from five decades of rock, sometimes quieter, sometimes more rockin’. We also have a number of original pieces in our collection, some of which are brand new.

Fri 6/23/23 7 p.m
Forex party

“The Furks” interprets well-known rock and pop songs as classic rock and roll.

Saturday 24.06.23 6 p.m
Music Festival » 40 let’s / skupina akzent festival years«

The organizer is the Slovenian cultural association Jepa-Baško jezero with its skupina akzent choir, which celebrates its 40th anniversary on the occasion of this festival. The musical work of the skupina akzent choir, which has been under the proven musical directorship of Anika Lesjak Risman for 40 years, focuses on the love and enthusiasm for Slovenian sacred songs and folk songs as well as the appreciation of other peoples’ songs and the constant evolution of the music scene.
Formation of the music festival:
Skupina dialect
Mlady dialect
Mladinska gledališka skupina – Youth Theater Ensemble
Certified Artist Jaca Strajner
Ansample Coprev

Fri 6/30/23. 19 o’clock
Concert Swing Train – RatPack – Jazz

Swing Train is a Carinthian vocal formation offering cover versions of world hits from the 50’s to the 80’s with an unusual line-up. Hop for a spin down memory lane and swing with music by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Rodger Miller, Fats Domino and more Swing Train:
Carl Bergmann, keys + vocals
Heribert Paulitsch, vocals + perc
Sigi Stichauner, git + voc
Dominik Werginz, git+

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