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Kornerkasten St.  Leonhard – Resolution for parking

Kornerkasten St. Leonhard – Resolution for parking


A few months ago, the demolition of the old granary opposite the Volkshaus in St. Leonhard caused a stir (NÖN reported). Since then, there have been rumors about what will happen to the vacant place. Barracuda Music’s music director, Richard Hormann, is known to have purchased the property and would like to build apartments in the next few years. The municipality will lease part of the free zone itself in order to establish a network center for fiber optic lines there.

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The free zone created in the complex will be used for apartments and parking spaces in the future.

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At the last meeting of the Municipal Council, the basic decision was taken to lease an area of ​​2229 square meters for one year. “By the middle of next year, we will prepare a contract for the parking area,” explains St. Leonard’s Mayor, Hans-Jürgen Resel (ÖVP). He repeatedly emphasized the good cooperation with the music director Hormann and that those responsible for the community were able to reach an agreement with the lessor. The parking space rental amount will be around 2,000 euros per year.

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