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In less than 12 months, pop star Jennifer Lopez gave her yes to three men. One of them is Ben Affleck, whom she married away from the cameras on the second attempt. On camera, Owen Wilson became a would-be husband in last year’s Marry Me and Josh Duhamel (“Transformers”) is now the chosen one in “Shotgun Wedding.” Although he was only the third choice after Ryan Reynolds left the project at least for the lead role, his successor Armie Hammer (“The Social Network”) also had to vacate the field due to scandalous allegations. A movie wedding that seemed like it wasn’t under a happy star started even before shooting “Shotgun Wedding.” The vaguely gut feeling that something isn’t quite right and both the wedding guests and the bride are smitten can be transferred not only to the ceremony spiraling out of control, but also to the entire movie. Because in the charming rom-com from “Pitch Perfect” director Jason Moore, nothing seems to fit together.

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