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"Korsage": premiere of an exclusive trailer for the new film about Sisi

“Korsage”: premiere of an exclusive trailer for the new film about Sisi

Self-determination for women in a misogynistic world

Marie Kreuzer and “Korsage” succeeded in reinventing the popular “Sisi”. Based on the historically well-documented biography of the famous Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, the director unpacks the Queen’s fragile state of mind layer by layer and presents her with the story of a brave radical woman.

With her deep sympathy for the iconic Empress, Kreutzer succeeds in depicting the process of her transformation into a free person who is detached from every condition, every physical, and every stress of expectation. Bravely yet at the same time and with great ease, actress Vicky Cripps as Elizabeth in her dream walks through a hostile, misogynistic world in which she searches for her new place in life under the eyes of the public and her family.

For the first time in the history of German cinema, Empress Elizabeth became an authentic character and a woman who suddenly became incredibly friendly and understandable. A woman whose circumference became too small for her eyesight was too large.

“Corsage” will be shown in theaters on July 7.

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