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Kultacomben Staatz – The young singer-songwriter influenced the audience

Kultacomben Staatz – The young singer-songwriter influenced the audience

“It's the first time I know almost no one in the audience,” Marilyn Briggsbauer from Eggenburg admits at the start, laughing and you can't even tell she's excited. “So far we have only played in front of friends and family.”

But the young singer-songwriter and her band featuring Dorian Braunis (piano), Alexander Dongel (tuba), and Benedikt Fehringer (percussion, flugelhorn) ran to the front and instantly won over their audience. Marilyn's clear, bell-like voice, accompanied by a harp, sings of the thoughts running through a young woman's head: sometimes heavy thoughts: “I want to be as I am,” “day by day,” and sometimes a feather. – Light sentiments: “I am happy”, “The world is music”. Ideas that are understandable and thus resonate with the audience.

But the poetic lines never slip into sadness. It is always based on the joy of life and high expectations. This mood is supported by beautiful melodies that instantly become catchy tunes.

The attractive character of the songs is enhanced by the wonderful accompaniment of the virtuoso band, well-measured but concisely played by Benedikt Fehringer, who, in addition to percussion and kashon, also surprises on jazz trumpet, Alexander Döngel, who provides a delicate deep bass accompaniment on the massive tuba , and the very young Doran Brownis, who stepped in at short notice and completed the quartet perfectly.

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