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Three taxi drivers were accused of stealing and robbing customers

Three taxi drivers were accused of stealing and robbing customers

The trial against three former taxi drivers who are said to have waited in front of discotheques for several years for highly intoxicated victims in order to rob or rob them begins on Tuesday in the Vienna Regional Court. Criminal taxi drivers aged between 34 and 57 were particularly keen on expensive wristwatches for their customers. They are primarily accused of committing serious commercial theft in a criminal organization.

The case made headlines in the fall of the previous year after the 34-year-old was arrested and subsequently detained. Nearly 20 counts of theft were filed in the indictment. In two other cases in which the watch was forcefully removed from the subject's wrist or an attempt was made to do so, the main accused was charged with theft. A total of €350,000 in damages were charged.

The accused are said to have always followed the same pattern in their criminal activities. First, they transported severely “serviced” passengers through detours near designated residential addresses and waited for the victims to fall asleep due to their intoxication. They took advantage of this moment to take valuables, especially luxury watches. Victims usually notice that the missing watches are lost long after they get out of the taxi.

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