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Kuseng on FM4 Happy Hour

Kuseng on FM4 Happy Hour

Our favorite family member, The Kuseng, visited us for happy hour. He blew up the small family party with jokes and toasts. Uncle Herbert would be terrified. Click here for the video.

Written by Xavier Stockinger

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Everyone can use one: a good Kuseng. The one who’s there when you don’t get along with the family again, when Uncle Herbert shoots the racist bird on the Christmas table again. But rescue is at hand: Kuseng is here. In his stand-up show, he tells us what it’s like to grow up as a young man in rural Upper Austria. There, where it’s considered unnatural if you don’t spit on yourself when you walk away, where people hear the name “Sauffi” or “Rauchi.” It exudes a cozy pre-Christmas atmosphere with tales of Birchten shocks and alcohol poisoning. Kuseng gives us his hand, and Kuseng understands us.

Kuseng is an all-around talent. As a rapper, singer, songwriter, and comedian, he entertains at every stage. He is passionate about the LGBTIQ+ community and fighting for equality. on him Instagram channel He shares his daily life between street festivals, theaters and concert halls. There he also talks about his transition (FTM) and shares personal stories (childhood).

On FM4 Happy Hour we present the young, alternative and diverse comedy scene from Austria – every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm on FM4 Radio.

This is how it works on the FM4 stage

A radio show like a shared apartment party! With free snacks, FM4 merchandise and cold drinks. On the FM4 stage, the audience is very close to the comedians and they find it fun to perform in a small, comfortable circle.

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