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August 31st: Bettel-Alm invites you to a wonderful birthday party

August 31st: Bettel-Alm invites you to a wonderful birthday party

For 15 years, the Bettel-Alm in Johannesgasse has been a steady size for Vienna’s concerts. The amazing anniversary celebration on August 31, 2023 will look back on the past few years and provide the opportunity to celebrate many successful years.

The Bettel-Alm, a well-established Viennese nightlife establishment, is proudly celebrating its 15th anniversary. The celebration of the anniversary on Thursday, August 31, 2023 marks a milestone in the history of the site, which has found a permanent place in the hearts of young and old through the skilful combination of tradition and innovation as well as the successful fusion of Alpine flair. He has an urban lifestyle. “15 years of Bettel-Alm is 15 years full of passion, fun and unforgettable moments.” We are grateful for the great support of our guests and look forward to many more years at the Alm. “We hope for the future,” says Jennifer Salschenegger, general manager of Bettel-Alm.

Party night is extra class

Widely known for its unique atmosphere that combines rustic charm, a relaxed atmosphere and exciting dance music, the Bettel-Alm Hotel will offer all guests celebrating its anniversary on August 31, 2023 an unforgettable night of celebration. Delicious drinks, Mama’s beer and delicious flying buffet from the kitchen of sister company “Krah Krah” leave nothing to be desired in terms of culinary delights – the musical accompaniment is provided by “Die Wilden Kaiser”, whose legendary pain performs a live rendition of the national anthem “Bettel-” Alm” and DJ Xandi, resident DJ at Trofana Alm in Ischgl.

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