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Landesliga Ost: St. Ulrich stumbled on SC with a score of 1-0

It’s a pity about points awarded relatively carelessly, as Kensy’s team was clearly the dominant team for long periods on the St. Louis floor. But this is football.
The first half: After a few minutes of play, Meyer David managed to catch the ball and practically in front of the empty goal, but he rushed and fired over the goal from about 5 meters. Fan: “Why doesn’t Bradling have a gnome?” .. He should have directed the question to the player. Then Antonio Tekevich had another good chance, and goalkeeper Alexander Mitterbauer fired his shot from the top left corner (15 minutes) from the 2nd minute, the score was 1-0 to the hosts from a free kick. In the crowd, Arslan Nesimovic defended with a header in front of the legs, who shot professionally with his inside instep from 6 meters into the bottom left corner to make it 1:0.
Second half: Things didn’t go according to plan by Christoph Reutner either: an unsuccessful ball-acceptance ended in a replay (62 min). Despite making every effort at one point – she just didn’t want it to be.
Bottom line: The Marchtrenkers have a clear field advantage over long stretches with at least 70% possession of the ball. The hosts don’t really have a single real chance to score, except for a ‘coiler’s header by an SC player)
FORSHOW: No games next weekend, then we’ll go to VIKI on Saturday, April 1, 2023, 2:15/4:30 PM.

FOREPLAY: Ib was able to start the trip home with three points and a 3:0.