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Ländle’s tobogganing talents: Sports Gold Medal awarded

Ländle’s tobogganing talents: Sports Gold Medal awarded

At the World Championships in Oberhof, Yannick Müller was denied the top spot on the podium – RC Sparkasse Bludenz luger returned with silver and two bronze. As a consolation, the younger brother of world champion Jonas Müller received the gold medal from the reigning Markus Wallner himself.

The 23-year-old senior figure skater was honored with the country’s highest sporting honor. In doing so, he did the same as his brother, who had received these orders from the country a year earlier. Incidentally, the two won silver together at the World Championships.

Party at the carriage house

The reason why the successful couple celebrates it all with a big party at Remise Bludenz. But that’s not all, Müller racked up six World Cup medals. Bludenz’s team, which also included Thomas Steu, won the most Austrian medals. When it comes to skiing, the Alpine town is one of the absolute world leaders, which not only makes Mayor Simon Chan proud. State Councilor for Sport Martina Rocher was among the well-wishers. Anyway, the festivities continued at the Bludenz Temple of Culture after midnight. Also there were Austrian skiing boss and former great athlete Markus Bruck, Vorarlberg skiing boss Franz Wilhelmer, Bledens “Toboggan Duin” Helmut Tagwerker and his family, head coach Christian Egentler, teammates Lorenz Koller and Armin Frauscher, city councilors Andrea Malic and Kathryn Muther. From the savings bank – the main one
Ski club sponsor – board members Thomas Schreiber and Wolfgang Eichler were present.

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