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Sabine Schofmann wins the PGS World Cup in Rogla – ÖSV

Sabine Schofmann wins the PGS World Cup in Rogla – ÖSV

Sabine Schoffmann wins the PGS World Cup in Rogla

Photo: Jeba
Sabine Schoffmann wins the PGS World Cup in Rogla

Sabine Schoffman won the parallel giant slalom in Rogla, Slovenia, on Wednesday, thus marking her sixth individual World Cup victory and ninth overall! With this success, Carinthian improved to second place in the final standings of the PGS discipline behind Germany’s Ramona Hofmeister. In the men’s category, Andreas Promegger narrowly missed the small crystal ball after the knockout round, which meant ninth place, which was taken by today’s winner Roland Fischnalr (ITA).

Sabine Schoffmann presented herself admirably at the last PGS World Cup of the season, and after placing second in the qualifiers, she reached the Grand Final with victories over Ladina Geni (Switzerland), Michelle Dekker (Ned) and Tsubaki Miki (Japan). There Schoffmann met Esther Ledecka (CZ), the fastest qualifier, who returned after 13 months after breaking her collarbone in pre-season training. Although Schoffmann had to switch from the blue track to the somewhat more difficult red track, it provided a strong duel to Ledica, which the Austrian won after a quick run with a narrow five-hundredth.

“The day started well with the second time of qualifying, I hadn’t yet been on PGS for a long time. This put me in a good starting position for the final. The fact that it was our coach Peter Kotnik who laid the track was a good omen, because when he was in Skoll last year ( As a coach of the Chinese national team, take note), I win too,” said Sabine Schoffmann, who dedicated the win to her mother Elsie, who celebrated her 61st birthday on Christmas Day. race. “Being at the top for my mother’s birthday is very special,” said Carinthian, who received tips for the red course from ÖSV teammate Fabian Auppmann ahead of the grand final. “Fabi’s advice helped!”

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The other Austrians missed out on entering the round of 16. After a driving error in the first round of qualifying, Claudia Riegler ended up 18th. The young goalkeeper with Martina Ankili (31), Miriam Weiss (32) and Pia Schofmann (41) showed their skills at times, but they didn’t stay that way. . Tsubaki Miki finished third, defeating Italy’s Lucia Dalmasso in the minor final.

In the men’s category, Andreas Promegger suffered a narrow elimination in the round of 16, losing by four hundredths to Slovenia’s Zan Koser. Had the PSL world champions survived the opening round, they would have won the little crystal as well. After a ninth-place finish on the day in the PGS World Cup, the man from Salzburg was eight points behind Fichnaller, who led a hat-trick to victory for Italy in the final PGS race of the season ahead of Mirko Felicity and Edwin Coratti.

“Of course it’s disappointing when you don’t advance by a few hundredths and therefore don’t win the ball. I had it in my hands, but unfortunately the final went against me. It’s very bitter now, but what did Andreas Brumegger say, who scored 433 points and in the World Cup the year before? In the final individual race on Saturday in Germany, he was 19 points behind Italy’s Maurizio Bormeolini (452) in second place.

In the quarter-finals, Fabian Opmann was beaten by South Korea’s Sango Lee by two hundredths and finished sixth in Rogla as the Austrian’s best. Aron Goretz, who was the third ÖSV player to reach the final, lost to Fischäller in the first round and finished 16th. The other Austrians were Dominik Burgstaller 19th, Arvid Oner 22nd, Matthaus Pink 25th, Benjamin Karl 31st and Sebastian Kislinger 32nd. .

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Next weekend, the Parallel Slalom Racers World Cup and Mixed Team competition will conclude in Berchtesgaden (Germany).