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LASK - FC Flyeralarm Admira: A highly emotional decision-making game with choices!  - Bundesliga

LASK – FC Flyeralarm Admira: A highly emotional decision-making game with choices! – Bundesliga

Resolution day! In the “Friday Offense” in the final round of the qualifiers Admiral of the Bundesliga There is a duel between the two at one of the three “crime scenes” at the Raiffeisen Arena in Pasching. Lask and favorite discount FC Flyer Alarm Admirafrom 19 o’clock In the LIVETICKER LEAGUE PORTAL. Winning is a must for both teams in order to achieve their respective goals on their own. LASK (23 points) wants to defend the second place in the qualifying group. But behind them lurks a trio with 21 points each. Among them is FC Admira! Everything is possible for Andreas Herzog’s eleven, starting with a playoff, staying in the league right up to relegation. What a play!

Marvin Putzmann (left) returns to LASK after suspension, so the coach with the right-back can once again rely on a four-man defense chain. Right, 25-year-old Czech winter newcomer to Südstadt: Jan Vodhanel.

300 days after the start of the ADMIRAL Bundesliga season, it will be decided on Friday evening who will occupy the season in extra time and thus in the European Cup qualifiers? With the win, Linz could secure a place in the semi-finals, as WSG Tirol (7pm, Tivoli Stadium, Innsbruck) awaits on Monday.

But all this is still gray theory, the whole focus of the Eurofighters in recent years has been the home match against Admira. Panthers favorite opponent of athletes: 10 of the last 11 duels won (including this season in the regular season 3:1, 3:0) by a draw. The latter was in the first leg of the final with a 1-1 victory in Südstadt.

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Kohbauer: We want to extend the season

LASK coach Didi Kohbauer before the duel with his former club: “I hope we stay in the game, we need to win for that. We want to extend the season and go to the European Cup play-off. To get the win we need, we have to play our game for the full 90 minutes. We still have to improve some things. We had good stages. Against Hartburg and Reed, especially in the second half, and that should be clear from the start tomorrow. We want to reward our fans with a home win.”

Kohbauer on the flow of information from other places during the match and its transmission to the team: “No, because we are lucky enough to be in a good position with the win. We want to play a good game. The other teams are having their problems. We should just focus on our game. Let’s say we are good at performing and making the fans happy so they can come home happy. That’s the important thing. .”

‘Fans are giving something back for a tough season’

LASK top scorer Sasha Horvath: “It will be a great match. There is a lot at stake for both teams. We want to give the fans something back for what has not been an easy season and give them a hat-trick. We are well prepared and we will give them that. All of us from the first minute.”

PUTTING PEOPLE IN CAMP LASK: The return of veterans Marvin Putzmann and James Holland, who were stopped in the Upper Austria derby at Reed, long-term injuries to Littard, Ragwe, Twarzek and Wesinger still missing.

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The final day of the match is also of great importance to Südstadt, given the constellation of the tight table, Andreas Herzog’s side need a win to be able to celebrate a safe landing. However, Admira had been waiting for a complete success in four matches (2U 2N), the last of which was a 0:3 defeat at home to SCR Altach.

The Panthers are missing key player Roman Kirschbaum (ankle injury). The last of the veterans missing in Wilhelm Forssager (arrested). Also Philip Restani (broken toe).

FC Admira coach Andreas Herzog: “It’s a very difficult situation for all the teams – except for WSG Tirol. It means keeping your cool and going into the game with a positive attitude. We have to outdo LASK and put in an outstanding performance. Then anything is possible. LASK has a good team, but it is not invulnerable.” It’s up to us. It will be important to be effective in front of the goal.”

Captain and goalkeeper Andreas Leitner: “It will be a big game for us with LASK. Unfortunately, we left a very good starting position in the past. But we are going to be successful by two points and we will do everything we can to make the match go well.”

There have been 130 duels between LASK and FC Admira so far, 80 of them in the Bundesliga. Record: LASK 34 wins, Admira 25 club wins, 22 draws. In the final duel of the season on April 9, Admira managed to draw 1-1 at home after a deficit and after ten defeats before that against Linzer, which is uncountable. Lukasevich scored the goal of Lower Austria (47).

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The referee for the match, which was held on Friday evening in Basching, is Harald Lechner, and his assistants on the line are Andreas Heidenreich and Maximilian Kolbic. 4. Official Renee Eisner.

Image credit: GEPA-ADMIRAL