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Last Call – St. Pölten

Last Call – St. Pölten

On the occasion of the activities surrounding the St. Pölten City of Culture 2024 and the Contemporary Culture Festival “Tangenti”, the Cultural Administration of the State of Lower Austria, in cooperation with the City of St. Pölten, invites young people to develop artistic projects that represent their version of a desired and self-designed future.

Ideas and desires regarding a future living environment can be presented in the form of cinematic projects. There is freedom to choose genre and medium (from analogue Super 8 movies to Full HD mobile movies).

For example, concept/treatment development, script development, production of an animated film, short film, documentary or feature film, as well as creation of the film's music or storyboard are supported.

The goal is to stimulate self-empowerment and positive examination of the future, which moves in the zone of tension between creative potential and perceived inability. Art projects are particularly suitable for expressing emotions, creating visions, making them tangible and thus providing inspiration for a better future. Therefore, young people should be encouraged to develop their own future utopias and create their own artistic ideas. This gives them the opportunity to connect with art and culture and expand their artistic skills.

Participation criteria

The call is aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 29 who, as individuals, groups of people or in a club, want to implement a film project in Lower Austria with content related to the topic.

More information and application documents can be found at