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Salzburg does not want to underestimate Hartberg before the Milan match

Salzburg does not want to underestimate Hartberg before the Milan match

According to the paper model, Red Bull Salzburg must win a mandatory victory in the Bundesliga before the “grand final” of the Champions League at the AC Milan stadium. The bottom of the table, Hartberg, is Saturday’s guest. On the other hand, Rapid is trying to build on a convincing 5-1 home win in the playoff against bottom club Hartberg over newly promoted Austria Lustenau. Austria’s Klagenfurt match against WSG Tirol promises an open duel.

For Salzburg, it is the last competitive home game of this calendar year. This falls between two important Champions League matches: if there is a 2-1 defeat against Chelsea at the Red Bull Arena on Tuesday, next Wednesday night at the San Siro against Milan, then the match that will determine the European Cup where he is. Austrian Mr. decides.

RB coach Matthias Giseli explained, “Of course it’s a big challenge this time. I don’t want to hide anything, of course this Milan match will be in the back of the boys’ minds somewhere. It’s just a final.” “Nevertheless, I am convinced the boys will be able to focus on Hartburg on Saturday afternoon,” added the German after a free Thursday he filled with a trip to Schaafberg on Lake Wolfgang. “We will do the devil to belittle Hartburger.”

On the other hand, the Hartbergers want to pull themselves out of the chaos after the defeats against Altach, Tirol and Rapid. But the task will not be easy against Salzburg, coach Klaus Schmidt knows. The 55-year-old explained, “Of course we have to make sure that we are more tight defensively. In the last two games the defensive problem has always been big, especially in the second half.” You have to strive “to compromise on little or no goals, but still look to put the accents forward.”

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One step forward, two steps back – this should be a thing of the past at Rapid. “We know that Lustenau is a very dangerous opponent. We certainly do not underestimate them and we do not overestimate ourselves either,” interim coach Zoran Parisic said before leaving on Friday morning. The Hartberg match was good for everyone, but it was off. “I am very happy with the way we presented, especially with the difficult times in the game.” You want to call the performance. Barisic: “Results on Performance.”

Rapid has yet to keep a clean sheet in three matches under Parisic. “Somewhere there must be a minus if you are aggressively directed,” explained the sporting director of the personal union. The opponent will find spaces on which he can play. “But we have to be smarter, and to think faster,” Barisic demanded. “We want to develop in all areas.”

Lustenau tied 1-1 in West Vienna in August. After 13 rounds there are 13 points. However, the Vorarlbergers have fallen 11 times in a row in the league – even zeroing in front of Reed for the first time. Changing the system from a series of four to three or five seems to work. “We defended very well and hardly allowed anything,” said Lustenau coach Marcus Mader. You want to contact that.

An open duel between two teams on the ascent takes place at Wörthersee. Austria receives Klagenfurt WSG Tirol, fourth in the table and meets sixth, who could even catch an away win. Klagenfurt coach Peter Baccault was rewarded on Friday by extending his contract until 2025, but his WSG counterpart Thomas Silberger doesn’t want to make any gifts. “We are in a cloud, just like Klagenfurt,” he confirmed.

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“If we win in Klagenfurt, we’ll be in the top six over the winter, and I’m convinced of that,” said Silberger, whose team recently beat struggling Hartberger 5-1 and defeated Lustenau 3-2. Even 1:2 on Sturm and 0:5 against Rapid before that was absolutely fine in terms of looks. “It was an outcome crisis, not a playful one. In this way, Hartberg was a huge motivation for us because the way we performed was very satisfying,” Tyrol summed up.

Given five wins in the last seven matches, things are going quite smoothly for the Carinthians, self-confidence is high. The man primarily responsible for this is allowed to pass on his many years of coaching experience at Klagenfurt beyond the end of the season. “I go to training every day with a good feeling and will continue to do everything in my power to establish Austria Klagenfurt as a permanent base in the Bundesliga,” said Pault on his 63rd birthday.