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Lena Dunham: Did the 'Girls' star marry in secret?

Lena Dunham: Did the ‘Girls’ star marry in secret?

She married Lena Dunham, 35 years old. At least that’s what the American “People” magazine reported. Accordingly, the actress and author was said to have given her boyfriend Louis Felbert (35) the word ‘I do’ over the weekend. The wedding has not been officially confirmed. Musician by the stage name Attawalpa just posted a line of text from The Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year” to an Instagram Story. Dunham had posted the song a few months ago when they announced their relationship.

The creator of the cult series “Girls” confirmed in an interview with “The New York Times” in April that she had been in a relationship for a few months. At the time, she did not mention a name.

Touching love greetings for birthday

It wasn’t until June of this year that Dunham finally announced her relationship with Louis Felber. Via her Instagram account, she congratulated the British musician with his Peruvian roots on his birthday. She wrote of her partner of about the same age: “When I was living in Manhattan at three weeks old, I had no idea that a baby being born in England (in Winchester!) would kick my life like a rocket.” Moreover: “Everyone who contacts you – be it creative, sentimental, or casual – is lucky. But I am the happiest.”

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