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Lena Meyer Landrut on the podium

Lena Meyer Landrut on the podium

The catwalk instead of the concert stage: Singer Lena Mayer Landrut (30) presented the fall-winter collection of the new fashion label “Much Less” on Wednesday evening in Berlin. At the end of “About You” fashion week, models presented coats, knitted jackets, scarves and hats, mostly in black and natural colors.

The musician (“Best”) appeared on stage at the end of the 15-minute show in a casual mix of T-shirt and black pants and briefly waved to the audience. Guests at Kraftwerk included influential figures, as well as football professionals Hertha Kevin-Prince Boateng and Davie Selke.

Mayer Landrut explained that she developed the collection with female designers according to her taste preferences. dpa’s Meyer Landrut said: “I notice that I’m the type of classic stuff. I also like to wear something trendy now and then. But basically I like more classic pieces that aren’t very trendy.”

The collection is largely made up of sustainable materials such as organic cotton or linen and is made in Europe. According to online retailer About You, the comfortable sets are customized for every occasion and are available up to a size XXXL.

The 30-year-old explained that she herself had only a primitive mastery of weaving crafts. “I wouldn’t trust myself to design anything now. But I can definitely shorten a pair of pants or sew a button or darn a hole.”

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