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The Bertelsmann Content Alliance celebrates Asterix Comics

Hamburg, Cologne (OTS)

  • STERN EXCLUSIVELY publishes weekly sitcoms, Asterix specials, and a new ten-part podcast about the successful brand
  • “Idefix and the Unyielding” premiered on November 5th on SUPER RTL and has aired several animated and feature films.
  • Idefix has become a testament to Sustainability Week’s “Let’s Do It! – So You Stay Working Tomorrow.”
  • Various other companies between Bertelsmann and Asterix-Verlag Hachette units – from printing to sales and merchandise

More than 60 years after the first volume of Asterix appeared in France and on the occasion of the publication of “Asterix and the Greif” on October 21, 2021, the Bertelsmann Content Alliance media celebrates the cult brand Asterix with comprehensive content and product offerings for Readers: Inside, Listeners: Inside And the audience: the inside.

subordinate strict Published starting today, 16.09. Weekly sitcoms. A six-part sequel story tells under the title “Asterix and the Great Journey”. On October 21st, the final installment of the series will appear in a big STERN Asterix special. A podcast is also planned. The Asterix Podcast deals with the Asterix phenomenon in up to ten episodes, allows many experts and prominent Asterix fans to give their opinions, imparts much useful knowledge about Gaul and Romans, and highlights the long-term success of this unique comedy series. . It will be available from mid-October on AUDIO NOW and wherever there are podcasts.

Dog idefix is ​​part of the certification Sustainability Week “Let’s Do It!” – So It Continues Tomorrow. (October 4-10) and becomes the first animal protection advocate in comic history.

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RTL And Super RTL The release of the new volume “Asterix and Griff” will be accompanied on October 21, 2021 in various magazine formats. With “Idefix and the indomitable” Brings Super RTL Also starting November 5th, daily at 7.45pm, the first animated series from the world of Asterix will be on screens. The CGI format, created as a prequel, puts the adventures of the dog Idefix at the fore for the first time, before he becomes Obelix’s loyal companion. Typical humor and well-known forms of the daring gal’s adventures are covered in 52 11-minute episodes and transported to the animal world. Fans young and old can also look forward to the appearances of famous characters from sitcoms and movies. SUPER RTL owns all rights to licensing Asterix animation and feature films and will air several films at the start of the series from November 5-11. Last year, the station acquired the marketing rights from French publisher Hachette and is developing one of the most comprehensive licensing and promotion programs for Asterix numbers.

Since 2001, almost all volumes of “Asterix” have been purchased from Egmont Ehapa Media Bertelsmann Printing Group (Mohn Media), including the new volume “Asterix and Griff”. Comics are distributed via DMV Distribution Media.

Bertelsmann Content Alliance

RTL Deutschland, UFA, RTL Radio Deutschland, publishing group Penguin Random House, Gruner + Jahr and music company BMG inspire millions of people in Germany every day with their creative content. Together they form the Bertelsmann Content Alliance. Through this association, Bertelsmann creates new formats and unique marketing opportunities in Germany. This makes Bertelsmann Content Alliance an innovative, high-performance partner for all creators. Bertelsmann invests around 6 billion euros worldwide in creative content every year.

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