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Less than €20 at Sun of a Bun

Less than €20 at Sun of a Bun

It is actually a meeting place for Foodora suppliers. However, visiting the Sun of a Bun is not without fun. Where else in Vienna can you find Panuozzo?

Pink backpacks are good signs. If two or three are standing in front of a house front on Kleistgasse, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the “Sun of a Bun”. Foodora suppliers wait on small armchairs in front of the restaurant to take the order. Although a local might say a little too much – inside there are only two tables.

And the atmosphere is also more of a draft, not very comfortable. Why do you come here at all? Well, there is Panuozzo. This is a type of pizza dough sandwich popular as a street food in the Neapolitan area. And it is not very common in Vienna. The place, which opened in March, specializes in these pizza sandwiches.

They are served with different fillings, such as chili cheese (€11.90) with beef and jalapenos, Captain Crunch (€10.50) with crispy chicken or Vegan Cherumi (€10.80) with vegan patty, mushrooms and vegan cheddar. It tastes good, even if the beef is a bit tough and eating with dignity while infusing the cheese takes some practice. The burger buns are also home-made – the vegan Red Beet Burger (€11.90) with beets, goat cheese, jalapenos and watercress is very tasty. Of course there are also classics with beef and chicken and a vegetarian version. (A burger and panozo are also available as a menu with a drink and fries for €15.)

Sweet pizza. And if you didn’t have enough: there is also a sweet mini pizza with Nutella, mascarpone and strawberries (€5.90) ​​or a pistachio pizza (€6.90) with pistachio cream and sweet ricotta. Very, very sweet – and not very easy to eat without cutlery. But with fingers full of cream and a full stomach, you’ll be full at last. And a kind of happiness. Yes, what is possible?

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cake sun: Kleistgasse 20, 1030 Vienna. Tuesday – Sunday. 11am to 10pm, 0670 65 55 074,