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Graduation Projects: Alumni of the Poly Mistelbach celebrate their projects

Graduation Projects: Alumni of the Poly Mistelbach celebrate their projects

Mistelbach. At the Mistelbach Polytechnic School, graduates have submitted their final projects. The students presented the theoretical and practical work they completed during the school year to their parents and business representatives.


In the Building/Wood section, students made a clothes painting, drew technical drawings by hand and on the PC and answered questions about theoretical principles on the day of the presentation. The examiner is Martin Ranftler of the joinery factory of the same name in Lanzendorf.

Trading office

The main task in the trading/office department was to develop a 15-page catalog about a fictitious practice firm. The students answered questions from the technical course by Andreas Schneider from Lidl.


Thomas Römer of Autohaus Wiesinger examined the theoretical fundamentals in the mineralogy section. The practical work included an etching plate and the corresponding technical drawings.


In the electrical department, the students installed a two-way switch with a socket and illustrated it with the help of a plan on the computer. Young people put their knowledge to the test in technical discussion.


The practical part in the touring section was making a three-course menu yourself and appropriate table decoration. Andreas Simeyer of the Hubertushof Poysdorf was present as an examiner and asked the students about their specialized knowledge.

Smart Techtronics

For students of the Smart-Techtronics department, the practical work included an assignment in the field of pneumatics, which was also simulated on a computer. The theoretical part was tested on the day of the presentation.

Social health and beauty

A three-course menu has also been cooked independently in the Health-Beauty-Social section. Janet Valenick from the free hairdresser in Mistelbach asked the questions of the specialists.

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The final project aims to prepare for the final apprenticeship exam, which is also held before a panel. The excitement was great for some of the students, mastered by all with distinction!

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