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Bergrallyecup 2023: After three podium seats, Judd is on fire at Voitsberg

Bergrallyecup 2023: After three podium seats, Judd is on fire at Voitsberg

With three consecutive podium finishes, Werner Judd has made a successful start to the mountain rally season. On August 27, Judd and his team are organizing the largest motorsport event in the West Styrian region in Voitsberg-Lobeming.

Stallhoven. Already third place in the sprint at Fehring Werner Judd reinforces. He treated the race as support for a good friend and caught up Volkswagen Golf 2 Third in its class. A week later, celebrate Mountain Pool Cup Even a class win in Demmerkogel beating Andreas Mussbacher in a Mitsubishi by 23 hundredths of a second. The entire Werner Judd family had a goosebumps moment live. “It was just incredible for me to finish,” said Judd, who, after his victory, greeted his partner with the words “Am I really the first?” named. The success was widely celebrated.

driver and organizer

Climbing the hill at Markt Hartmannsdorf, Werner Jud finished third on a new road behind Mario Papst and Georg Stix, again with his VW Golf 2. The next target has already been set, and his home race, the hill climb, awaits on August 27 Voitsberg Lubbing. The West Styrian not only gets behind the wheel, but also acts as an organizer with his team. The region’s largest motorsports event begins Aug. 27 at 9 a.m., with races starting at 1 p.m. as usual. The show will conclude with an awards ceremony in the Grand Marquee at 6pm, provided there are no delays.

A great joy for Werner Judd and his team including the family |  Photo: Hausegger

Advance tickets are available from mid-July from Werner Jud by phone at 0676/707 55 07 and from him in person at Marie’s Café in Södingberg.

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It will look similar in Voitsberg-Lobming at the end of August.  |  Photo: Hausegger

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Werner Jud's VW Golf 2 was a major attraction in Demmerkogel.  |  Photo: Hausegger
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