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“Let’s Dance” star Renata Lucien: great joy after several miscarriages

“Let’s Dance” star Renata Lucien: great joy after several miscarriages

Professional Dancer “Let’s Dance”. Renata Lucien Pregnant — “About five months,” she says, beaming with joy in an Instagram video. Husband Valentine’s Day Thank you for keeping your fingers crossed.

Fans and colleagues congratulated: “I’m crying right now!!! So happy for you,” the “Let’s Dance” judge wrote. Motsi Mabusi. Newly married professional dancer Christina Haney He also sent congratulations. “I’m so happy for you! Valentin, you bastard didn’t show anything during our conversation at the airport.“, writes the broker Nina Moghaddam.

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Lucien only announced the abortion in March. “The baby has not grown. I can’t even say how I feel now,” the 36-year-old was quoted as saying by RTL. “I have to deal with this whole thing first. But I’m trying to stay strong.”

Multiple miscarriages

For Russian-born Renata and Valentin – also professional dancers on the RTL show “Let’s Dance” – there has been a long-standing desire to become parents. According to RTL, Lucien suffered several miscarriages. The couple lives in Düsseldorf.

Renata had her biggest hit on ‘Let’s Dance’ in 2021 when she hosted the show with the former professional footballer Rurik Gislason had won. In 2022 she was with the former Paralympian Matthias Mistyr reached the final and placed third. Valentin Losin won the show this year as a model Anna Ermakova.

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